Monday, May 14, 2012

Our own NetBeans Summer of Code

My company is having a Summer of Code for students.

We suggested a list of project that might interest students and we are offering them a paid summer internship to complete their favorite pick.

Since most of what we do touches NetBeans or the NetBeans Platform in some way, a big part of the list is a valid suggestion for the community too.

So, today, we are opening the projects for NetBeans community members too!

Let's see, excluding the items that don't apply, the list has:

#1. Swing based Git Repository Browser

We want this as a standalone app, but it could also be used to enhance NetBeans.

#2. UnQL interpreter

An ANTLR-based parser is needed and a simple UnQL interpreter. This could easily be integrated into NetBeans to provide syntax highlight and perhaps even completion. The interpreter might be just a simple executor or something that visually explores the database.

#5 NetBeans Linux notifications

Just as displays OSX notifications using native calls, we need something for Ubuntu and Chrome(OS). People seem to want to be notified about long builds and other IDE events and we should provide this natively on more OSes.

#8. Dynamically compiled NetBeans

This is my favorite idea: how about distributing NetBeans only as source code? With some binary bootstrap and a smarter module system I think we could actually have an usable system that compiles everything on demand. Plus -- imagine getting updates as simple text patch files!

If any of these interest you, please contact us! Or email me, tweet me, I'm easy to find.

For a Romanian student we could arrange an internship.

For a NetBeans community member we could provide the resources, mentoring and swag.

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