Saturday, July 04, 2020

The Geek and the pseudo inclusive peer pressure

Discrimination based on social skills and social groups exists and geeks experience it a lot.

One facet of it is the pseudo inclusive peer pressure.

The desire to belong to a group is strong in anyone so people would accept many things just to fit in.

At the same time, a few understand this game quite well, can get meta about it and specifically target geeks to mock them by appearing to be inclusive.

Nothing causes more pleasure to such dark 'master minds' than tricking a geek into ridiculing itself!

Not only for the ridicule but for the mere fact that the geek believed they would thus become part of the in-group: this was never on the table! They will never be part of the in-group!

After a few such experiences some geeks develop a good sense for this situation.

There is no surprise then that some react quite hard in the grown up world. Their senses are screaming: it's a trap!

But the master minds are also grown ups now, and they want small things, all in the name of being inclusive.

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