Friday, April 16, 2010

Fremen gear

Ever since I've been working for my own company, I've discovered that working from a single place gets pretty boring after a while. Actually, there are a few phases you go through, but suffice to say at some point you'll want to also work in coffee shops at least for the change of scenery.

Let's talk now about the gear I happen to use:

Then, a whole lot of other items I was a bit surprised to find when I unloaded the backpack yesterday to wash it:

Let's see (right to left):

  • My Orange 3G modem. I rarely need it while in Timisoara. While visiting my parent though it's almost useless since it goes over EDGE, meaning it's slower than dialup.  Handy as a last resort but I won't renew the subscription with Orange when it expires.
  • My 8G iPod Touch, USB cable and iPhone headset (I use this headset since it also has the microphone, unlike the original iPod headset). I almost never listen to music though, it's just for testing if we have an iPhone project to develop.
  • Nokia E71 USB charger (you can barely see it since it's black -- right next to the iPod cables)
  • My 2010 diary
  • A fountain pen -- I like writing with a fountain pen, a ballpoint pen ruins your handwriting.
  • A ballpoint pen
  • Lots of wet tissues (including one from KFC apparently).
  • Matches
  • Some pills
  • A key I forgot about
  • A Wenger Swiss Army knife (thanks dad)
  • Company stamp. I don't carry this always, but you need it for almost everything company-related here.
  • Bureaucratic papers.
  • A small yellow note book for quick note-taking
  • Some leftover sugar from some coffee I bought probably. Forgot about these -- it's very easy to lose stuff in the backpack.
Besides these items, sometimes I have in the external pockets a small umbrella, tissues and perhaps a 500ml bottle of water.

There you are: the gear of a modern day fremen. Stillsuit not included.

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