Monday, November 20, 2006

NetBeans Platform: Branded resources

OK, you've probably been here too: how does one load a Branded resource ? Let's say... the splash screen.

Well, let me tell you the stages you might try after you've found out that it's "org/netbeans/core/startup/splash.gif" :
  • Use the ClassLoader from Lookup to load the resource. What does this do ? It returns the default, non-branded splash.
  • getClass().getResource(). Same as above.
  • new URL(). Wrong !
  • Utilities.loadImage(string). Still wrong.
Of course, the nbres:// protocol might also help (after all it's a NetBeans resource we're talking about) but you know what ? It also fails (with NPE) except for the new URL method.

So ? What is the solution ? Well, it's Utilities.loadImage(string, true) . This is the only one that does the localized/branded woodoo. I'm still not certain why the nbres:// stuff didn't work...


JCD said...


Seems the Utilities.loadImage(string,true) is now deprecated (NB 6.5 RC1)



Emilian Bold said...

Well, the blog post is 2 years old :-)

Take a look at ImageUtilities.loadImage(String,boolean) .

Thanks for dropping by.

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