Sunday, September 24, 2006

Busy blogless month

It has been a really busy month since the last time I've blogged about the NetBeans Platform (or anything else).

Mainly it consisted of:

* one week holiday
* another super-busy week at work trying to do a quick catch-up for an urgent (aren't they all ?) project
* another week working and being part-time sick
* another week still recovering and starting to remember the Platform.

Basically my MindMapping application isn't near as ready as I would have liked (and there is at least another person working on the same thing: MindMapping with Visual library + NetBeans Platform). Bug it will be ready when it's ready. No deadline here. I was thinking maybe also use the new-ish StarOffice integration with NB that I kept reading about.

The good news is that I'll be working more on NetBeans Platform-related tasks so watch out for new hints.

I've also received a new Mac Mini (well, PPC actually not the new Core Duo) so I've got myself some new display/keyboard too ! A whole bunch of new stuff to make me want develop.

BTW: forgot to mention I've also got an article on the website. That was quite an interesting experience ! (you should see the blog traffic spike :) ).

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