Wednesday, August 16, 2006

MindMapping with the NetBeans Platform

I've started work on a free mind-mapping module for the NetBeans Platform (with Not planning anything fancy, just a well done NetBeans Platform-based application with help, autoupdate, etc.
I expect the feature list to be close to the features of FreeMind or other open-source tools.
What I do want is import from these other free formats in order to have a simple migration guide for the existing users.
I also planned some tutorials / podcasts as I come along but I think I'm overly optimist so I'll be happy if I just manage to finish the first version untill me self-declared deadline of 4th September 2006.


Simpatico said...

You've dropped the project, haven't you?
Do you know how I can programmatically generate a Mind Map from my NB Platfrom appplication?

Emilian Bold said...

Yes, 4 years ago.

Back then I wanted to write a Mind Mapping app using the Platform and (later renamed to Visual Library).

Around the same time though somebody also started a mind mapping Platform-based application and I didn't feel like I had enough time to work on my app and compete with a similar app. So I just quit working on it.

Of course, neither the other app was finished so today there probably isn't any Mind Mapping code for the NetBeans Platform.

Simpatico said...

I saw in a screenshot of your work-in-progress. I wonder if it could still be used as a nbm module for programmatically generate simple mind maps?

Unknown said...

now there is mind map support in NetBeans through NB MindMap plugin

Emilian Bold said...

Yes, I've read an article about this module. It seems quite nicely done. Congrats Igor!

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