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Apple, job creation and the App economy

The Apple job creation page is pure PR: they claim to have "created" or "supported" over 500.000 jobs.

It sounds like the kind of thing a politician would say. Because they even add transportation, health care and "the app economy"!

It's kind of like you claiming to be a job creator because you buy local and burn electricity.

Anyhow, what's interesting is that the App economy is estimated at 210,000 US jobs and Apple has paid over $4 billion to App developers world-wide, ever!

Assuming those $4 billion were all to US app developers in a single year, that ends up to about $19.000 / job in total or about $1600 / month / US developer if that amount is split over 12 months.

What this shows is quite interesting: the App economy isn't self-sustaining.

If the 210,000 US jobs are real then App Store sellers are burning cash.

Considering the money sellers make must follow some sort of distribution then most of those "app economy" jobs aren'…

Intellij needs to introduce the Lookup API

I'm looking today at the toolbar classes from IntelliJ IDEA and I'm surprised by the amount of instanceof I see.

For example, NavBarPresentation.getIcon looks like this:

public static Icon getIcon(final Object object, final boolean open) { if (!NavBarModel.isValid(object)) return null; if (object instanceof Project) return PROJECT_ICON; if (object instanceof Module) return ModuleType.get(((Module)object)).getNodeIcon(false); try { if (object instanceof PsiElement) { Icon icon = ApplicationManager.getApplication().runReadAction(new Computable() { public Icon compute() { return ((PsiElement)object).isValid() ? ((PsiElement)object) .getIcon(open ? Iconable.ICON_FLAG_OPEN : Iconable.ICON_FLAG_CLOSED) : null; } }); if (icon != null && (icon.getIconHeight() > 16 || icon.getIconWidth() > 16)) { icon = IconUtil.cropIcon(icon, 16, 16); } return ico…