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The startup company hierarchy of needs

I've been focusing on different themes than usual with regard to my company and I've come to realize it might just be a mental shift on the Maslow pyramid.

We are still a tiny company (just 4 people) and our business isn't large in terms of income, but I think it's probably enough for me to trigger a shift into my thoughts.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs describes the stages in human growth and it seems to apply just as well to a company:

Physiological needs

The lowest level in the Maslow pyramid are the physiological needs. These are the basic survival needs: air, water, food, shelter and sex.

There is nothing fancy here. A company at this stage is basically aiming for that ramen profitability. Everything else are mostly nice thoughts, because the immediate future is all about corporate survival.

When I first started my company, this was the most important thing. I didn't care about anything else, except knowing that I had customers and I was profitable. Of course,…

The IDE must move onto the server

Here is a video of my prototype online IDE (watch it in 720p if possible):

It's basically a subset of how I think a browser-based IDE should look like and where we should get, pretty soon.

I've just focused on some essential parts in my prototype:

The IDE must be accessed via a standard browser and should be installable (ie. your own startup should be able put it on a dedicated server).Project/user timeline with commits, bug reports, code reviews, etc.Good editor: syntactic and semantic highlighting, project-based code completion, code folding.Running tests locally (a signed applet gets disk access if needed) or remote. I guess the local part is just for reassurance and, perhaps, offline fallback. Some form of chat for internal communications.Integrated metrics and reports from various sources (FindBugs, build server, project planning tools, etc).
The most important thing is the editor: I still don't see a good Javascript-based editor and certainly not one for Java, which i…